Message From The Managing Director
  To My People

Over the years, we at Ganpati Group of Companies are proud of the generous support given by our clients, business associates, well-wishers, and a team of dedicated personnel, which has been a great asset and hope to continue as we all grow together from strength to strength. The Company is proud of what has been done so far and is looking forward to new challenges and scaling new heights in future. Our Logistics capabilities can flourish only when information and technology are bridged together.

We need to use our capabilities and deliver what we promise, take pride in the fact that there is a huge potential in the service sector. Finally, always put the customer first and work with integrity and responsibility towards everyone and your country at large.

  Our Team

It is our Corporate Philosophy, to continuously steer ahead and strive to be the Market Leaders, with Strong emphasis for Safety, Quality & Commitment, to provide excellent, cost-effective services to our valued customers.

We, as a professional organization, strongly value Relationships and believe in building and maintaining long-lasting relationship with our Associates and Customers by providing Cent percent Commitment, ensuring Common focus with extraordinary Drive.Yes! The challenge is : we have to make sure that we have the best human capital, which can consistently deliver higher efficiency at reduced costs.

  Our Objective

To work hard and work smart and at the same time, dig out opportunities where no one sees them. It's easier to do your work in good times, but also learn to enjoy the thrill of overcoming a tough challenge in rough times.

In this environment of business and competition, I believe there are fundamentally two objectives every business must fulfil. First, business must create superior products and services that in turn generates steady profit. Secondly, assume responsibility as good Corporate Citizens……… It is vital that these two are pursued simultaneously.

I'm sure that our growth is imminent......

Yours truly,

Mr. Vinod Kumar Bhatia

Managing Director